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#33 The Case of GameStop & Guidelines to an Alternative Society

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As the world witnessed the unprecedented scale of the scandal that shook the stock market, the GameStop case is proof that if ordinary people unite and combine their collective efforts, even the seemingly untouchable financial behemoth that is Wall Street can fall. Here to discuss this latest event with Undertow podcast host Ivan Bilokapic is Europa Terra Nostra chairman Dan Eriksson. Eriksson, who followed the GameStop case, talks about the significance of the scandal and points out how the financial market, social media and politics are all connected. Dissidents appear not only in the political sphere, but also in the economic sphere. In this regard, Eriksson talks about crypto-currencies, their significance and overall potential role in the building of an alternative system to the one that dominates today’s international banking and economy, and the apparent threat that alternative social media platforms represent for monopolies such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Tune in to find out more in this week's Undertow!

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